€1400,- raised by 7th graders of the Haarlem ECL

€1400,- raised by 7th graders of the Haarlem ECL

7th graders from the ECL (college) in Haarlem collected 1400 euro to support their peers in developing countries.

ChildsLife kicked off with a presentation for the students who showed great interest in ChildsLife programs. During the week the classes all designed their own island. They created everything themselves, from the name of the Island to the clothes they wear to the money they use. The project addresses the abilities and creativity of the students and raises money: the week was closed off with an action day where parents could see all the hard work and reward their children and ChildsLife.

We thank all the students and teachers for their contribution, they showed a great sense of consideration with their peers in developing countries and helped them in a unique way!

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