World Food Day | Charity for children

World Food Day | Charity for children

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Food for school children

Joshua (on the right) is just one of the children in Kibera Slum we can give a warm school meal because of the support of our loyal donors. For some of the school kids it is the only meal they get that day, so it is important that the meal is nutricious and healthy.

In western countries people are encouraged to eat “5 a day, “and to cut down” on the size of food portions consumed.  To many children in the world, the mere idea of having so much food available they need to eat less is unimaginable. How could anyone have too much food?

In many developing countries however, food shortage is a day-to-day reality.  In areas of extreme poverty children wake up and go to bed hungry.  And if children are hungry their ability to learn decreases drastically  and they become susceptible to disease which results ultimately in propelling the cycle of poverty on to the next generation.

What we do for food security

One of ChildsLife’s goals is to increase the number of children it is able to feed via school lunch programs. To ChildsLife children food shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be the beginning of escaping poverty.

School lunches are just one part of the ChildsLife Food Program. The Food Program is extensive and also includes a range of sustainable initiatives that gives beneficiaries the tools to grow their own food. ChildsLife builds greenhouses for schools and communities so they can grow vegetables for their own consumption as well as sales to local markets which generates income. ChildsLife has recently introduced grow bags, also known as Kitchen Gardens,  in its HIV mother program. Kitchen Gardens are a very good way for small families to grow food at home and have a reliable source of nutritious and affordable food. Read more about our Water & Food program

How you can help


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