Levarht visits Kenya to share their knowledge

Levarht visits Kenya to share their knowledge

In the spring of 2017 ChildsLife started its partnership with Levarht. Levarht is an important player in the international market for vegetable and fruit production. The company shares their expertise in greenhouse technology with ChildsLife. Levarht provides training and education, on site advice and supplies high quality seeds to schools and communities in the ChildsLife greenhouse program.

This week Arjan and Paul Zantman, one of Levarht’s Van Nature growers, are in Nairobi, Kenya to visit some of these greenhouses.
Besides these education on the spot visits, Paul will give a workshop to a group of 15 growers who are responsible for the school greenhouse in the area. He will share his knowledge to make sure they have good crops so the children can have their daily meals.

Today ChildsLife and partners Levarht and Van Nature have visited a school green house in Mukuru slum, Nairobi. By sharing knowledge and expertise of the eminent fruit and vegetable growers Arjan and Paul, we intend to support the greenhouses in ChildsLife programs to get the best possible results of their crops.
Arjan and Paul also had great fun with the school children!

On the second day Arjan en Paul visited 2 ChildsLife primary schools in the Makueni region. Paul and the local growers were busy in the school greenhouses, whilst Arjan entertained the children by reading some books together. The growers learned a lot and everybody had a lot of fun. You can say it was a fruitful day!

On the 3rd and last day ChildLife organized a workshop for a group of local growers and some representatives from schools in the area where a greenhouse will be built in the near future.
Levarht’s Van Nature grower Paul shared his experiences so far and complimented the growers with their greenhouses and their crops.
The rest of the workshop, Paul shared his knowledge about pest control and soil improvements. He also brought environmentally friendly substances and packages with seeds to try new products and variaties.

Our collaboration doesn’t stop here, together with Levarht we will start an online group to stay in contact. In this group the local growers can ask questions and share experiences on a monthly basis! Isn’t that amazing?

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