Deadly floods devastate parts of Kenya

Deadly floods devastate parts of Kenya

Deadly floods devastate parts of Kenya

Students help the younger school children bring to safety from the flooded classrooms. 

At least 100 people have lost their lives due to the current heavy flooding and almost a quarter of a million people have become homeless, as our Kenyan colleagues report. Stranded residents are brought to safety and aid is provided to isolated communities.

The flooding comes after a long period of severe drought. Water sources have been contaminated. The floods give concern for malaria and cholera outbreaks. Key infrastructure and dozens of health centres have been destroyed.

The Mukuru slum in Nairobi where ChildsLife works is affected by serious floods causing schools to evacuate. The older students helped the younger ones to bring to safety out of the flooded classrooms. Families have lost their belongings and are now homeless. 

This is an emergency. They need your help. ChildsLife supports wherever possible to provide relief to the families and reopen the school. 

How does ChildsLife help?

About 50 mothers from our ChildsLife programs have been affected by the floods. ChildsLife is helping them in their urgent need for matresses/blankets and foodpackages. 

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