World Water Day 2019

World Water Day 2019

Today is World Water Day; and this years’ theme is ‘Leaving no one behind’. We at ChildsLife have purposed not to leave anyone within our reach behind.

Echoing the words of Emily Bailey, ‘a drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.’ We can attest that this is true based on the number of marginalized communities that we have supported through our WASH program. Billions of people are still living without safe water. Provision of clean water to children, women and the aged has been one of ChildsLife key areas of focus.

Since 1998, ChildsLife has been involved in borehole and irrigation projects. ChildsLife installs water tanks and water catchment systems at schools in several regions in East Africa. We have occasionally bought emergency water when push comes to shove. As we observe this day, we emphasize that every drop counts. We are also glad to be part of the bandwagon making a difference and contributing to the achievement of a sustainable development goal; water for all by 2030. Water, is indeed life!

Read more about our Water projects, WASH.

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