Levarht visits ChildsLife projects in Kenya

Levarht visits ChildsLife projects in Kenya

This month Arjan Levarht, of ChildsLife business partner Levarht B.V., visited ChildsLife projects in Kenya. His first stop was Itumbule Primary School in Makueni, where he was welcomed by headmistress Roselyn. Arjan shared his expertise and gave the school valuable advice on their greenhouse.

Arjan donated sports kits to the Gatoto school soccer team. The kids are very excited. They have a tournament starting after the holiday in April, so the sports uniforms came at the right time!

charity for children kenya

On his last day, Arjan visited various projects in the sprawling Kibera slums. While at the ChildsLife Vocational Centre, Arjan met with staff members and was able to interact with students who were delighted to have Arjan as an important guest today.

Arjan, thank you for sharing your expertise and advice!

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