Read the latest on Corona and the ChildsLife program here

Read the latest on Corona and the ChildsLife program here

The Corona pandemic is quickly developing into a catastrophe for many people around this globe.

ChildsLife offices in the Netherlands, Kenya and Romania are closed and our office and field staff works remotely. But our work continues and not only are we doing our utmost to ensure we assist the people in our program, we also want to help where we can to support people through this crisis.

Both Kenya and Romania are in near lockdown. Children cannot attend school, as schools and our AnneNoor Afterschool Centres are closed. In both countries medical and protective supplies and hygiene products are in huge shortage and there is widespread fear that controlling the Corona virus will be challenging, particularly in slums like Kibera and Mukuru where people are packed together in unhygienic circumstances.

Our staff is working hard, also with communities, local governments and child protection agencies to develop plans on how best to assist in this crisis.

We will keep you informed of developments.

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