About Childslife - Sustainable charity for children

The vision

A life for a child filled with hope, full of pride and freedom from poverty.

The mission

Partnering with communities to develop sustainable futures.

Practical solutions and tailor made support

ChildsLife believes projects and programs do not need a lot of frills to be effective, and often a relatively simple solution has the most impact. ChildsLife focuses on providing practical solutions to help children in need. The tailor-made approach ensures that all activities are based upon the direct needs of children and their community. ChildsLife reaches out to abandoned children, street children, HIV/AIDS orphans and those that are destitute.

Creating self-sustainability

When ChildsLife begins working with a local partner the focus is on strengthening and setting that organization or beneficiary on the path of self-sustainability. With very few exceptions, the goal is for the beneficiaries and local organizations supported to no longer need ChildsLife.

Local staff and local expertise

ChildsLife is a charity for children that employs skilled local people with in-depth local knowledge and years of experience to find the best possible solutions for local needs. Quality of all projects is guaranteed by personal supervision of ChildsLife local directors and staff. Continuous monitoring also ensures that needs are being addressed, and budgets are handled in a cost efficient way.

Through community involvement and discussion, realistic and feasible targets are set. Working in close cooperation and maintaining a good relationship with local communities, local government, businesses and other NGOs are important to the success of ChildsLife’s work.




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