Education is the key to a better future

However, millions of children around the world still do not go to school. Without an education, a child does not have the chance to master basic facts. To learn to read, write, do math and to improve knowledge and understanding should be part of every child’s life. Only with an education children have a chance to a better future and escape the poverty they grow up in.

The classroom becomes home….. To many children in the world,  the school is the place they receive their only warm meal, feel safe, warm and secure.  This is particularly true for those living in poverty.  The harsh conditions in which they live makes daily survival a difficult task.  Without the respite the school provides survival is sometimes impossible.  Simply,  to many needy children, the school and “their classroom”  also becomes “their home.”

In many cases however, the school building itself is over-crowded, in ill-repair or the building unsafe.  And in many of the developing countries funds are not available to pay for the repairs or build new schools—especially in rural areas.

School construction, materials, teachers & books

ChildsLife strives to offer education to children between three and eighteen years old, from kindergarten, through primary school to a secondary school or vocational training institute. ChildsLife builds schools, provides teaching aids, school materials, books and school furniture. Furthermore, teachers are paid and receive training.

Over the past two decades ChildsLife has developed an extensive school construction and renovation program. Over 40 schools, and thousands of children, have benefitted from the program. ChildsLife provides for young children up to young adults and builds kindergartens, through primary and secondary schools to vocational training centers.

Sample projects


School lunch programs

In order to provide an effective education program, all school children are given a warm and healthy lunch. Lunches are important as for most of the pupils, living in extreme poverty, this is the only meal they receive a day.

After school care

Ensuring that children are cared in a safe and fun environment is important for children and their parents. With their children taken care of parents can work, structurally improve their economic situation and escape the poverty they live in. ChildsLife helps families by providing after school care.


ChildsLife Vocational Centre

ChildsLife Vocational Centre is located in the middle of Kibera Slum and was established to provide job skills and training to young adults living in the slum. The ChildsLife Vocational Centre was built and is managed by ChildsLife and has been operating successfully for over five years since 2011. The schools provides quality training relevant to the current market needs to ensure that trainees are absorbed in the job market. The Centre offers a range of courses such as hairdressing, tailoring, electrical installation and computer courses, etc. All  designed to provide the student with the opportunity to either finding a job or setting up their own business. In addition the school provides students with a life skills course, a comprehensive practical course aimed to teach each student daily skills and prepare for life outside the slum.

The Vocational Centre has trained over a thousand students in skills leading to gainful employment. 80% of all graduates have been able to access employment in local industries, and 10% have been able to start their own business.

To be able to ensure education at the ChildsLife Vocational Centre is available also to youth of the poorest of families of Kibera, ChildsLife offers a scholarship program for excellent students.


AnneNoor Education Centers

Romania lacks afterschool facilities for young children, although children only attend school for a few hours a day. That is why in 2008 ChildsLife opened its first AnneNoor Education Center. Now ChildsLife operates 7 centers for children aged 4 – 10, in rural and city locations,

The centers open at 12 noon, after children have finished school, and run until 6 PM. Here, children learn and have time to do their homework under supervision of teachers. They engage in all sorts of recreational activities, and they receive a hot lunch and a snack.

The centers are run by qualified teachers. Since founding over 1000 children were offered a structured program which is fun, safe but also provides for their educational needs. The program helps to prevent child labor at the countryside. Furthermore, with their children looked after, parents can work and structurally improve their economic situation.


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