ChildsLife helps communities, schools, local organizations and individuals to set out a route and come up with solutions to become self-reliant. Every situation is different and so are the possibilities to tackle problems. ChildsLife always looks at all options to achieve sustainable development and implements a tailor-made solution for every situation.

When ChildsLife begins working with a local partner or beneficiary the focus is on strengthening, guiding and equipping towards self-sustainability. With very few exceptions, the goal is for beneficiaries and local organizations supported to no longer need ChildsLife. Only by becoming self-sustainable the way out of life in poverty can be reached. ChildsLife helps communities, schools, local organizations and individuals to plan further and develop creative solutions for becoming self-sustainable.

What ChildsLife does

LLE Program

Herd (goats and cows)


Kitchen garden project


LLE program

The goal of the ChildsLife Live, Learn, Earn program is to create a self-sustainable future for HIV+ mothers who thought they no longer had a future. This unique program provides women in 3 phases (Live, Learn, Earn) with social support, medical care, food supplements, counselling, training and business training. Upon successful completion of the program the women receive a business grant, allowing them to start their own business. This program has proven highly successful and has supported over 1900 women and their 9500 children to regain their independence and rebuild a future for themselves and their children. Read more

Goats and cows

In 2012 ChildsLife started the project ‘Give a school a herd’ which aims to provide schools with a source of income and become self-sustainable. ChildsLife donates cows or goats to a school. Each school looks after and grows the herds in order to be able to sell offspring after some time. The income this generates is used for the purchase of school materials, food for school lunches, furniture, teachers’ salaries or school repairs. Read more►


ChildsLife implements greenhouse projects in a bid to sustain and financially empower schools in Kenya. The installation of greenhouses has proven to be an effective method to improve self-reliance and self-sustainability of schools and communities.

Greenhouses provide a reliable source of income and vegetables especially in drought stricken regions in Kenya. Usage of greenhouse harvests is twofold: first for the school lunch program and secondly for vegetable sales so that profits can be utilized to maintain schools and purchase school materials and food, such as maize and beans which is used to make ‘githeri’, an affordable staple food for most Kenyan schools. Read more►

Kitchen gardens 

ChildsLife provides families in Kibera and Mukuru slums in Nairobi with Kitchen Gardens so  they can grow their own vegetables at home. The Kitchen Garden consists of a firm grow bag filled with good, fertile soil and high quality seeds. Onions, kale and spinach can be grown and provide good quality and healthy food for the family. This project have proven to be a very successful solution for families struggling with neither enough money for food nor fertile soil in their surroundings to grow on. Give a family a Kitchen Garden►

Women & girls

Women produce half the world’s food, put in two-thirds of the world’s working hours, and yet make only 10 percent of the world’s income. Recognizing that women and girls suffer disproportionately from poverty, ChildsLife focuses on giving women tools to expand economic opportunities and provides them with business grants and micro-loans. Within the “Earn” theme ChildsLife supports women & girls with the following:

  • Micro credit for HIV+ mothers
  • Mchanganyiko women’s group

Sample projects


Kitchen Garden project

In the slums families live in cardboard houses of only a few square meters. There is no fertile soil and not enough money for food.

ChildsLife gives families a Kitchen Garden and instructions so they can grow vegetables at home. The Kitchen Garden consists of a firm grow bag filled with good, fertile soil and high quality seeds. The family can grow onions, kale and spinach and this way they can provide good quality and healthy food for themselves.

Buy a Kitchen Garden for a family >>


Mchanganyiko women’s group

The Mchanganyiko women’s group was set up through sustainable development support of ChildsLife. To deploy this successful initiative, ChildsLife equipped the group with the necessary buildings, materials, furniture and a water tank. The Mchanganyiko women’s group has run successfully for 18 years and the women are able to generate their own income by renting out rooms for meetings, selling water and soft drinks. It also provides a kindergarten for forty children between 3- 6 years, which in turn gives other mothers the chance to work while their children are safe and receive an education.

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