A new clinic in Maasai land

ChildsLife is building a medical clinic for the Maasai Oloropil community in Kajiado, Kenya. The need for the Oloropil clinic is very high. The area has never had medical facilities before and this will be the first clinic. 

The nearest small first aid post is 15 kilometers away. The distance to the nearest district hospital is even greater, at 60 kilometers. In emergencies, the situation is threatening because there is no ambulance service.
The clinic will provide medical care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that meets local needs. Diseases and mortality among the entire local population will decrease due to better access to quality medical care. Child mortality will be reduced through access to local medical care as well as maternal and prenatal care, which is very important in an area that has a child mortality rate of 7.4%, one of the highest in Kenya.
The Oloropil Clinic will have a great impact and bring an enormous structural improvement in the lives of many!