25 years of practical support to children in extreme poverty.
That is ChildsLife!

ChildsLife is a compact organization that offers targeted and tailor made support.
We work with skilled, experienced and dedicated local staff and partners with whom we have short communication lines. An approach that works.

Our Vision

A life for a child filled with hope, full of pride and freedom from poverty.


Our Mission

Partnering with communities to develop sustainable futures.


    It is our anniversary year!

    25 years of ChildsLife! The numbers don’t lie; as a compact organization we have a large reach and have supported over 2 million children. In different ways we have contributed to creating a future for these children.

    ChildsLife was founded 25 years ago by Patricia Korver-Kicak with an important goal: to provide chances for children so they can create an independent future for themselves without the support of ChildsLife or any other aid organization.

    Local staff and local expertise
    To ensure the best and most effective assistance, all ChildsLife offices are staffed by experienced local staff with a thorough understanding of the local culture and needs. They offer tailor-made help, based on the needs of children and the communities they live in.

    Since establishment in 1996, we have invested 68 million euros in a large number of projects in the areas of food and drinking water supplies, health, education and self-sustainability. Every day, we make a difference for thousands of children, mothers and families.