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Together we can explore ways to realize corporate social responsibility for your company. ChildsLife partners with companies in the belief that they can play a key role in the social economic development of the poorest. We look for a partnership that offers added value to all parties.

The ChildsLife business netwerk
Over the years, ChildsLife has built relationships with businesses and established a network of loyal corporate supporters from globally-known brands to local businesses. ChildsLife wants to push past the traditional corporate philanthropy method of funding to look at how we – together – can influence social responsibility. Whether their support is in cash gifts, donated services, gifts in kind or via preferred partnerships, business relations are happy to be actively involved in the work of ChildsLife.

All partnerships are tailor made and designed around the individual requirements and wishes a company might have. ChildsLife is focused on building long term partnerships with the business community in order to provide the maximum reward for both parties.


Are you interested in helping vulnerable children in Africa and Eastern Europe.  Together we improve their living conditions in a concrete and targeted way. If there is no water, we dig a well. If there is no school, we build one. If there are food shortages we build a greenhouse. The goal is to support children, their families and communities on their way to self-sustainability.

Some ideas:

  • Get into action together with your employees, go to get into action.
  • Support ChildsLife with a gift, click here to donate.
  • Give an end-of-year gift. Give ChildsLife a gift at the end of the year, for example as part of a Christmas package to your business contacts or employees.

Contact us
Of course we are open to your ideas and suggestions. Please contact Carlian van Klarenbosch for an informal discussion on +31 23 557 00 81 or



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The benefits:

  • You link your company to our positive reputation and brand values: trust, hope and commitment.
  • By supporting our work, you give a logical and appealing interpretation to your CSR policy.
  • By making CSR concrete and communicating it to your customers, business contacts and staff, you can strengthen your brand reputation.
  • Research in the NGO sector shows that employees who work for companies with a high level of social commitment are more motivated and more involved.
  • You get the opportunity to come to the attention of our donors in a positive way.
  • Most gifs are tax deductible.