Online fundraising

Do you have an event, party or gathering and are you looking for a charity? Is your birthday coming up? Or do you have an anniversary? Are you partipating in a sports events?

Raise money for ChildsLife and support children, mothers and families living in extreme poverty. You can make a difference!

A special gift
Do you want to make your birthday as special as possible? Are you getting married? Will you be married 25, 30 or 50 years soon? Or are you retiring? Then ask, instead of a gift, for a donation to ChildsLife. With your special day you contribute to a better future for children in extreme poverty.

In a few steps you can create a personal fundraising page for ChildsLife on The link to this page can be sent by e-mail or social media. With this link all your guests can donate and you can keep track of how much has been donated. Even if you don’t give a party, donating is still a nice way to remember this special day.

Please contact us, so we can help you further.


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Tips & Tricks:

  • Choose something you like to do or connect your event to ChildsLife.
  • Ask friends and family for help in organizing your action.
  • Use your network (does your neighbor work at a supermarket, maybe they would like to sponsor the ingredients for a bake sale).
  • Be clear what your action is for.
  • Let the local newspaper know what you are going to do.
  • Think about how can you use social media.
  • Show a video about the work of ChildsLife.
  • Make an A4 on an online action page via Explain what the donation is for and what ChildsLife means to you.
  • Let people donate directly at your the party or event (cash, tikkie or via your action page).
  • Or share your action page in advance via social media or email.