Hygiene practice support

Since the start of the corona pandemic, ChildsLife has carried out additional WASH activities among beneficiaries. Schools are required (and eager) to comply with the corona safety measures. They must have thermo guns, hand washing points with running water, soap and disinfectants, and a supply of masks. 

At the vast majority of public schools, these facilities are neither provided nor accessible due to lack of funding. ChildsLife works with several schools in slum areas and rural areas (Makueni, Maasai-Olepolos and Kibera) to help them comply with the required hygiene practices, measures and protocols aimed at minimizing the spread of Covid-19. This includes the provision of protective equipment, soap, disinfectants, clean water and sufficient hand washing points at the entrance to the schools. Advice and guidelines for teachers and students are also an important part of the program.