Legacy Gifts

Your legacy or including a gift to ChildsLife in your will is one of the ways to support the ChildsLife program. It is one of the most effective ways to help you make a lasting difference to your cause. And even when you have passed away, your support for children living in extreme poverty continues. ChildsLife ensures that your legacy is looked after and invested carefully in building futures for children in poverty.

Inheritance tax and ANBI in The Netherlands
In the Netherlands (as a Dutch resident), no inheritance tax has to be paid when you leave a legacy to ChildsLife. Normally, inheritance tax is levied on an inheritance and is charged to the heirs. Howerver, this is not the case for charitable institutions (ANBI) like ChildsLife. Gifts which ChildsLife receives from inheritances and donations is exempt from inheritance tax. So whether it is a large or small amount, your total gift benefits children in extreme poverty.

More informatie 
We understand that you need time and good information to make a decision about this. You can contact us to discuss this in further detail. Also on  toegift.nl  you can find everything you need to know about legacy gifts in The Netherlands. And your notary can also inform you about the possibilities of leaving a legacy to ChildsLife.

Perhaps you would like to get to know ChildsLife and the team personally. You are always welcome at our office in Haarlem.

Contact person

Please contact Carlian van Klarenbosch for more information via T +31 23 – 557 0081 or info@childslife.nl


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Message from a donor:

“I am fond of ChildsLife and I know from personal contact with the organization and from the many messages and newsletters that the help is given very directly on the spot and directly benefits poor, sick or disabled children. I have no children, and my family is looked after, so I came to the idea to name ChildsLife as heir in my will.

Now i am in good health, but if something unexpected would happen to me, I have already arranged that my legacy goes to the good cause ChildsLife fights for.”

Herman, 75 years old