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Together, we give children a chance to a better future. A future without poverty. Food and clean drinking water are basic needs. Good education is the key to a better future. With our approach, we support children, families and their communities on their way to self-reliance. With your support, you join us in making a difference for thousands of children, mothers and families.

Church collections for children in need
‘Give children a chance for a bright future’

Tommi gets up hungry and goes to bed hungry. There are days when he has almost nothing to eat. For Tommi, life is survival. Every day he has to help his mother earn money for a meal and the rent. He has no time for school and his health is fragile: due to malnutrition he is regularly sick.

With your help we can fight for children like Tommi. Children in Africa and Eastern Europe who struggle in life. Together with our local partners we improve their living conditions in a concrete and targeted way. If there is no water, we dig a well. If there is no school, we build one. The goal is to support children, their families and communities on their way to self-reliance.

A project suited to you
We are happy to explore with you which ChildsLife programs fit your interest and goals.

For more information, please contact ChildsLife at or 023 557 00 81.



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The benefits:

  • When you support ChildsLife program, you give a future to children in extreme poverty.
  • ChildsLife is an experienced, compact and open organization.
  • We receive no subsidies so with your donation to ChildsLife you really make a big difference in a child’s life.
  • You can count on the fact that of every euro spent, the vast majority (88%) is spent directly on our goals. Your donation therefore ends up in the right place.
  • We are proud of the results we achieve together so we are happy to show you what happens with your donation.