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World Food Day 2022

Access to sufficient, safe, nutritious and healthy food for all!

This is what global awareness is raised for this World Food Day, 16th October.

This is more important now than ever. The ongoing pandemic, conflicts, climate change, rising prices and international tensions have serious implications for global food security.

What does ChildsLife do?

One of the pillars of the ChildsLife program is food security. ChildsLife encourages and empowers people to take care of themselves. Therefore vulnerable mothers in slums get their own kitchen garden to grow their own vegetables. Greenhouses are also placed at schools to supplement the school lunch program. ChildsLife provides education with school meals and this is of great importance because it allows children growing up in extreme poverty to have at least one nutritious meal a day.

Food support

During crises, such as the Ukraine war, ChildsLife mobilizes extra food aid through food packages. We ensure that Ukrainian refugee families staying in Romania receive regular food packages with food, drinks and hygiene items. The cost per family per month is € 75.

We need your help!
Will you help with a donation for a monthly package for a familiy?

Thank you for your support on this World Food Day!

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