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Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation!

06/02/2022. Around this international day, we bring your attention to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

This is unfortunately a common cultural tradition applied to girls between 8 and 15 years old. Female circumcision is a gross violation of human rights. It carries enormous health risks. Women must live their lives with the physical pain and psychological symptoms and usually receive no medical or psychological care. In addition to medical complications, this tradition often has the consequence of marrying girls off young. This will mean that girls stop their school career early and thus miss out on further education, a job and the chance of a good future.

In 2019, ChildsLife launched its first FGM prevention program in Kuria in Kenya, where FGM is very prevalent. Here we are working with a number of communities and tribes to save girls from FGM. A broad collaboration has been established with girls, boys, parents, grandparents, community leaders, local schools, social service providers, Ministry of Education, Anti FGM board Kenya and even the police. Comprehensive course materials have been developed through which 2 program coordinators, 5 field officers and 2 nurses reach out to a wide target group to provide information and counselling, workshops and personal interviews. Influencing community leaders and working with local police have also been established and are crucial in the fight against FGM. The local media supports the program with broadcasts on local radio and TV stations.

We have achieved great results and have now supported and saved 1000 girls.

But we are not there yet and work hard to rescue many more girls from this horrible practice. The goal is to secure at least 500 girls a year.









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