Give a school a herd

Give a school a herd

In 2012 ChildsLife started the project ‘Give a school a herd’ which gives schools in Maasai communities a source of income to begin to become self-sustainable. ChildsLife donates a minimum of 5 cows or 15 goats per school.

Livestock has always been the main livelihood for the pastoralist Maasai, livestock rearing is something they understand well. Each school looks after and grows the herds and sell offspring after some time. The income this generates is used for the purchase of school materials, food for school lunches, furniture, teachers’ salaries or school repairs. This income generating activity is managed by the schools management committees in conjunction with the PTA (Parents Teachers Association). Since 2012, 7 schools successfully partake in this project.

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How can you help?

Through our webshop you can donate a goat for $ 50, or donate a cow for $ 70, -. This includes vaccinations and complete check by the veterinarian.

Sample project:

A herd for the Elangata school

In 2017 ChildsLife purchased a herd of 30 goats for the Elangata school in Olepolos, a Maasai community in Kenia.

The project has been a success so far and both the school and Elangata community are involved. The herd started growing soon after purchase which resulted in the school being able to sell some of the goats and reinvest the profits into the school.

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