Help Nala

Please help Nala – For only $ 10,- she can return to school!

Kenyan schools have reopened after a 9-month closure due to the corona pandemic. That’s good news right?

Unfortunately, the reality is far from it; many children, like Nala, cannot return to school.

The problem:

Kenyan schools are asking parents for extra support because the Kenyan government has opened schools under strict conditions. Schools are required (and eager) to comply with corona safety measures. They must have thermo guns, hand washing points with running water, soap and disinfectants, and masks. But no additional funding has been made available.

Parents are very concerned. Many have lost their jobs because of the corona pandemic. An extra contribution for school is just not an option. Vulnerable children are at risk of not being able to return to school.

With your help we can prevent this from happening!

ChildsLife has selected 10 schools, for a total of 6000 children, in slums and rural areas in Kenya to help them comply with the required hygiene measures and protocols aimed at minimizing the spread of Covid-19. ChildsLife is providing protective equipment such as face masks for all students, thermo guns, soap, disinfectants, clean water and sufficient hand washing points at the entrance of the schools.

Can you help too?

With only $ 30,  3 children can return to school.

You can donate by using the form below.

Thank you!

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