Help Nala

Please help Nala

A donation of US$ 15,- buys 1 food and hygiene pack for a family in need living in the slums.

You can donate by using the form below.

Thank you!



Nala is 5 years old and lives in Kibera slum in Nairobi.

Children have been hit hard. All schools are closed in Kenya due to the corona pandemic. What that means for vulnerable children, we would like to tell you with Nala’s story.

Nala attended Blessings School until April this year. For her this was a safe haven and a place to learn and play. But also the place where she received daily healthy meals. Meals that she could rarely have at home.

Her parents are deceased and Nala and her two sisters live with their grandmother. The family lives in a small dwelling with no water, toilet or electricity deep down in Kibera slum. Grandma’s work and income has all but dried up due to the corona crisis. With three children, Nala’s grandmother can barely make ends meet. Enough to eat for everyone is a daily struggle.

With your help, we can ensure that children like Nala are fed and do not become malnourished.

ChildsLife works hard to assist children like Nala and their families in the current crisis.

These families need our help. ChildsLife field workers advise on COVID19 and the preventative measures to be taken. In addition, food and hygiene packs are organized for families in Mukuru and Kibera Slums.

Please help. Your support is important for children like Nala.

A donation of €15,- buys 1 food and hygiene package for a family in need living in the slums.

You can donate by using the form above.

Thank you!

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