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           The Boards of Trustees and Directors
The Board of Trustees works with the Board of Directors to govern ChildsLife’s overall performance. The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring that the implementation of programs and projects conforms to plan and budget. For transparency and accountability ChildsLife follows three principles; Management and Supervision, Accountability, and Interaction with stakeholders.
Management and Supervision
The ChildsLife Board of Directors is responsible for the daily operations, including the development of program and long term strategic plans and is overseen by the Board of Trustees. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is also the Director of the organization. The Board of Directors is appointed by the Board of Trustees. Members of the Board of Trustees are appointed by the Board of Trustees. In order to form a multidis- ciplinary Board of Trustees ChildsLife aims to have members from different backgrounds and disciplines. The Board of Trustees meets 6 times a year to discuss project planning and progress, financial reports and budgets.
In addition, the Management Board consults regularly with the Chairman. The tasks and authorities of the Boards are recorded in the ChildsLife Statutes and Regulations.
In meetings between the Boards, the general budget, organi- zational strategy, financial reports and updates on projects and programs are discussed, approved and evaluated to ensure optimal effectivity and efficiency of the expenditure of means (funds). Expansion of support by ChildsLife into additional countries is also discussed and decisions are made about these activities. The ChildsLife Board of Trustees approves the long-term plan and budgets. The organization and finances are audited on a yearly basis by an external accountant.
Interaction with stakeholders
The Boards see to satisfaction amongst all stakeholders. Interaction and building successful relationship with all stakeholders, including beneficiaries, supporters, partners, local governments and staff, is of great importance for the success of the organization.
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