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          Message from the Founder
It is early 2020 and I am writing the directors letter for a review of 2019. While ChildsLife, along with the entire world is facing coronavirus we still would like you to see the impact on how your support has helped children, mothers and their communities
in 2019. ChildsLife ethos: helping people to create their own lives by providing them with an education, social support and practical skills. And, of course giving communities and schools the tools to care of themselves in the long-run.
In 2019, a new program for ChildsLife was launched – the FGM prevention program in Kuria in Kenya. Here we work together with a number of communities, tribes, schools and local government to save 1000 girls from female genital mutilation.
Also, for the first time, ChildsLife Vocational School located in Kibera slum in Nairobi started a new catering class. Students from this sector will be able to go to work in the hospitality industry or set up their own small catering businesses. The students graduate after passing a series of exams on topics ranging from health & hygiene to the serving of food and the creation of menus and dishes.
Growing food is another way ChildsLife helps schools and communities to help themselves. In 2019 we added one more greenhouse to the program. This program brings food and income to schools through the growing and selling at market of tomatoes and other vegetables. Some food supplements the daily school lunch and the rest sold at a local market to provide funds to pay teachers, text books or other school supplies. ChildsLife is also fortunate to have a large Dutch consortium of growers, Levarht to provide yearly site visits as well as up-to-the minute advice to the ChildsLife greenhouses via the organizations Growers App.
In Romania another 750 children attended AnneNoor Education Centers which provided children with a safe, educational and fun environment allowing their parents to raise an income and work their way out of poverty.
Finally, as I write this message I would like to also wish everyone good health. Seldom has the world ever seen anything like the lockdown of so much of society in so many countries. It is not just Europe, but North America, Africa, Asia,
even Pacific islands are affected. And now as an organization, we are looking at what we can do to help
as the virus begins its rampage thru Africa.
Thank you for your support during the past years and we hope you will continue to help us through this most difficult of times.
Warm regards,
Patricia Korver-Kicak Founder, ChildsLife
                           ChildsLife | Annual Report 2019

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