Live, Learn, Earn

ChildsLife Live, Learn, Earn program

The goal of the ChildsLife Live, Learn, Earn (LLE) program is to create a sustainable future for HIV+ women who thought they no longer had a future. With this unique program, ChildsLife strengthens HIV mothers in Kenyan slums with social support, medical care, counselling and business skills training. Upon successful completion of the program the women receive a micro credit, allowing them to start their own business.

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Why is this so important?

When women are diagnosed with HIV-AIDS, their world collapses. Often, they are condemned by their community and family, or even abandoned by their partner. Because she of her illness, it is incredibly hard for her to work and earn money to feed herself and her children.

For this reason, the 3 phases of the ChildsLife Live, Learn, Earn program are important. Phase 1 Live: Medical care, psychological support and counseling, food packages and supplements to regain strength. Phase 2 Learn:  Group therapy and a wide range of workshops, including AIDS prevention and family planning. Phase 3 Earn: Business training and upon successful completion women are offered a business grant, which is used to start their own business. Women become financially independent and can provide for their family.  

What are the results?

To date 1900 HIV+ women from Kibera and Mukuru Slums in Nairobi, Kenya have successfully graduated from the program, regained their independence and rebuilt a future for themselves and their children.

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Mobikit with solar computer technology for the LLE program

In Africa’s slums and rural areas, many women learn of their HIV status through antenatal and childbirth services – yet only 10 percent of women receive antenatal care. In order to improve access to health care for HIV positive women and girls and to stop transmission to newborns, ChildsLife has introduced the ChildsLife Health Care Provider Network for its Live, Learn, Earn program for HIV mothers.

With mobile natal kits, which include solar powered backpacks equipped with laptops, tailor made medical software and medical kits, ChildsLife health workers are able to reach out, diagnose and treat HIV mothers and ensure they receive all the necessary medical care, including supervised birth, in a local hospital.

To date an additional 300 pregnant HIV+ women and those intending to get pregnant from Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya have been enrolled in the LLE program.

With this innovative technology, ChildsLife provides an environment where women with HIV receive critical care and are able to give birth to healthy children.

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