Food and clean drinking water are basic needs, without it life is not possible.
ChildsLife integrated program in development aid encompasses sustainable solutions for food and water shortages,  but also assists families and communities in emergency situations with food packages and clean water supplies.

What ChildsLife does

W.A.S.H. (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene)

Emergency food

GIK Support

First Step in Life program

Programs for women & girls

W.A.S.H. (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

Inadequate access to clean water and sanitation kills and sickens thousands of people every day. Lack of proper sanitation, water and hygiene has many other serious consequences. Children – and particularly girls – are denied their right to education because their schools lack private and decent sanitation facilities. Women and children are forced to walk long distances and spend large parts of their day collecting water. Extreme thirst and diseases result in children’s diminished learning. Crops fail, livestock die and people are less productive due to illness.

Without W.A.S.H., sustainable development is impossible. Access to clean water, decent sanitation together with hygiene practices, reduce child mortality, improve health and education outcomes, and contribute to reduced poverty and sustainable development. Hence, it is high on the ChildsLife agenda. Read more►

GIK Support

ChildsLife has found that a very effective way to work in Eastern Europe is through the distribution of goods. ChildsLife, in cooperation with the Romanian Child Protection office, has developed the ESSENTIAL Support program. With this program ChildsLife provides material support to institutions providing social care (such as homeless shelters and centers for handicapped), schools, hospitals and families in need. Living conditions in institutions are structurally improved by providing furniture, hygiene & household supplies and household appliances. Educational materials, furniture and toys are sent to kindergartens and schools. Families in need receive much needed food packs, hygiene products, clothing and household supplies.

ChildsLife sends regular transports with goods in support of the program in Romania and Moldova. Also programs of partner NGOs in various countries such as Ghana, Sierra Leone & Surinam are supported with relief goods from the ChildsLife warehouse on a regular basis.

Emergency food


Winters in Romania are harsh. To be able to get through these long cold winters, ChildsLife distributes winter and spring food packages to families in need, to those that live below the official poverty line and have to withstand freezing temperatures in poor housing conditions. Food donations are an important contribution to the daily needs of these families and enable them to prepare healthy meals for their families. 


Extreme droughts and other extreme weather situations greatly impact crops and harvests in Kenya. For this reason, ChildsLife sends emergency food packages. ChildsLife also arranges food packages for HIV + mothers, so they can regain strength and be able to care for their own children. In addition, ChildsLife supports school lunch programs where needed.

First Step in Life

Child abandonment in hospitals continues to be a concern in rural areas in Romania. To counter this problem, the ChildsLife program First Step in Life was launched in cooperation with Romanian Child Protection offices and local maternity wards in 2009. In this program women in socially challenging situations, about to give birth, are consulted by a social worker and receive maternity packages.

The social worker determines if the mothers require any special attention which means that families in need of social assistance are identified and supported on time. This unique program has proven very successful and has supported over 3000 mothers to date. It was granted an award by the local government in Romania. 

Women & girls

Empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of whole families and communities, and are therefore key to reducing poverty.That’s why women and girls are at the heart of ChildsLife community-based efforts. Within the “Live” theme ChildsLife supports women and girls with the following:

  • GIK support for mothers in Romania
  • Food packages and food supplements for HIV+ mothers
  • Psychological- and social support for HIV+ mothers
  • Pre-natal support HIV+ mothers
  • FGM prevention program Read more►

Sample projects:

donor childs rights charity

Water tanks for Makueni schools

Makueni is a remote, dry and barren region east of Nairobi. The region suffers with widespread poverty and illiteracy as many of its inhabitants never attended school. Parents do realize that it is important for their children to have an education to be able to provide them with means to escape this poverty. ChildsLife has been active in this region for many years and has supported a numerous primary schools. As part of this multiple school development program ChildsLife installed water tanks complete with rain water catchment systems, hand wash basins and drinking points giving all pupils access to clean drinking water.

School feeding program

In many developing countries, like Kenya, food shortage is a day-to-day reality for multiple reasons, including extreme droughts. In areas of extreme poverty, children wake up and go to bed hungry.

When children are hungry their ability to learn decreases drastically, or prevents them from going to school and they become susceptible to disease which results ultimately in propelling the cycle of poverty on to the next generation.
For some of the children the school meal is the only meal they get that day. 

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