Our Ambassadors

Lucia Rijker

Fotography: Paul Remmelts

Lucia Rijker, Life Coach, inspirator and six-time World Champion (kick) boxing is Ambassador of ChildsLife.

Lucia Rijker, Global Life Coach and boxing legend, is Ambassador of ChildsLife. Lucia, whose roots lie in both Europe and Africa, is known for her fight for equal opportunities. And her contribution to a good and loving life for everyone on this earth. ChildsLife and Lucia Rijker are joining forces to empower young Kenyan school girls in the slums of Nairobi. To offer them a chance for a better future.

Lucia Rijker has fought hard for better life for herself. From a young girl with adult responsibilities, she worked her way up – as one of the few women of that time – via the (kick) boxing world to the worldwise and warm woman she is today. Thanks to her personal journey, she now inspires and supports others to get the best out of themselves. Through lectures and workshops around the world and TV programs such as Dreamschool. And from her Ambassadorship for ChildsLife.

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