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 ChildsLife has conducted a five-year multiple schools’ develop- ment program in the Maasai region of Olepolos which benefits close to 1500 children. Five primary schools were fitted with new classrooms, old classrooms are renovated, school furniture and school supplies were provided. The schools were also fitted with water tanks including water catchment systems.
Education Projects in Makueni
Makueni is a remote, dry and barren region east of Nairobi. ChildsLife has been active in this region for many years with education and water programs. Makueni suffers with widespread poverty and illiteracy as many of its inhabitants never attended school. Parents know that it is important for their children to have an education to be able to provide them with means to escape this poverty. Currently ChildsLife works with primary schools of three communities in Makueni who benefit from
the water and school renovation program, reaching over 1300 children. The schools are fitted with rainwater harvesting systems and water tanks and classroom renovations take place.
Education Projects in informal urban settlements
ChildsLife has worked in slums in the Kenyan capital Nairobi since 1998. Well over 1 million people live in Kibera and Mukuru slums in small 3x3m homes, without access to clean water, sewerage or electricity. Extreme poverty, limited access to education, diseases like HIV/AIDS and high unemployment rates make it a place from which it is hard to escape.
ChildsLife supports 3 primary schools which provide an education to the children of the poorest of families.
For youth and young adults The ChildsLife Vocational Centre was built in 2011. It gives youth from Kibera slum between 14-25 years old the opportunity to learn a trade and empowers them to promote their own socio and economic development. A range of courses are on offer such as tailoring, health & beauty, electrical engineering, computer graphics, business administration, catering and early childhood development.
To date, over 2100 students took courses at the centre, 90%
of whom are currently in paid employment. Unfortunately, the vocational centre, like all schools, was closed for a better part of the year 2020. Hence, the population only reached 135 students.
Scholarships for Girls at ChildsLife Vocational Centre
For girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, a chance at a good future, without poverty, is very limited. The ChildsLife Vocational Centre runs a scholarship program for these girls. The centre offers a range of courses such as hairdressing, tailoring, electrical installation and computer courses, etc. All designed to provide the student with the opportunity to either find a job or set up their own business. A scholarship covers registration fees, all learning materials, a school uniform and the National Kenya Exam for trade certification.
  ChildsLife | Annual Report 2020

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