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 Ratios of expenditure:
Amounts in Euros
Expenditure to projects / Total income
Expenditure to projects / Total expenses
Costs fundraising / income fundraising
Costs management and administration / Total expenses
Actual 2020
Budget 2020
Actual 2019
 The ratio expenditure to projects in relation to total income is 58%. This indicates which part of income is spent on projects.
The ratio expenditure to projects in relation to total expenses is 81%. This indicates which part of total expenses is spent on projects.
In 2020 the ratio costs for fundraising is 12%. This ratio indicates the relation between costs
of fundraising and total income of fundraising. This is well below ChildsLife’s internally set maximum of 20% and the CBF norm of 25% cost for fundraising ratio.
The ratio management and administration is 2%. This ratio indicates which part of total expenses was spent on management and administration costs.
Expectations for the year 2021
The total forecasted income for 2021 is € 701.952. Income is planned from multiple funding streams including direct mail, foundations and businesses. Funds to programs in 2021 are budgeted at € 533.584 of which € 416.055 will be spent on Development Aid. The relief goods program will be reorganised and therefore Gifts in Kind donations will be reduced.
ChildsLife focuses on achieving the funds to implement projects, to maintain a balanced budget and increase the continuity reserve. ChildsLife will employ 1 more staff member and will continue to carefully invest in fundraising activities that will lead to increased income whilst keeping costs to a minimum.
 ChildsLife | Financial Report 2020

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