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 Message from the Founder and the Director
At ChildsLife the words evolving and adaptive can best describe the organization in 2020.
The year started out innocently enough with a site visit to Kenya and evaluating the results of new projects; new greenhouses, clinic construction in Maasai land, new vocational classes, Live, Learn Earn HIV+ mothers groups, etc. Also, a first visit to the ChildsLife FGM prevention program in the southwest corner of Kenya; a very strong addition to our program portfolio for women and girls.
Within weeks of returning to the Netherlands, the impact of covid19 hit the world. The pandemic quickly developed into a catastrophe for many people around the globe, where sadly, the most vulnerable are hit hardest. ChildsLife office staff began working from home. For many, remote working became the new normal. For our field officers however, working from home was not an option. As always, they were out there, ready to help vulnerable children and families cope with the pandemic.
Adaptive as a compact organization, ChildsLife immediately adjusted the program; food & hygiene packs were distributed, emergency water supplies provided, face masks produced in the ChildsLife vocational center, health care institutes equipped with protective clothing and hygiene products, and families were given kitchen gardens to be able to grow their own vegetables. So our work DID continue and evolve.
Also, back in 2018, Patricia Korver-Kicak, ChildsLife Founder announced her plans to retire in February 2020. Patricia’s departure was delayed until June, not wanting to leave the organization in the middle of a pandemic. Now, she has formally retired and turned the running of ChildsLife the Netherlands over to Carlian van Klarenbosch, who has been working for ChildsLife for nearly a decade. Carlian looks forward to guiding the organization on its next journey.
Finally, in 2021 ChildsLife will turn 25! Over the past 24 years we saw many societal and economic changes in the countries we work in. And, as always ChildsLife has evolved to continue to be relevant to the children, their mothers and the
community they live in.
As ChildsLife enters its 25th year, we look forward to see what the next 25 will bring. But one thing is certain: The heart and core of ChildsLife will remain the same. On behalf of many children, thank you for your support.
     Patricia Korver-Kicak ChildsLife Founder
 Carlian van Klarenbosch,
ChildsLife Director The Netherlands
 ChildsLife | Annual Report 2020

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