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Gifts in Kind Support
ChildsLife has found that a very effective way to work in Eastern Europe is through the distribution of goods. ChildsLife, in cooperation with the Romanian Child Protection office, has developed the ESSENTIAL Support program. With this program ChildsLife provides material support to institutions providing social care (such as homeless shelters and centers for handicap- ped), schools, hospitals and families in need. Living conditions in institutions are structurally improved by providing furniture, hygiene & household supplies and household appliances.
Educational materials, furniture and toys are sent to kinder- gartens and schools. Families in need receive much needed food packs, hygiene products, clothing and household supplies. ChildsLife sends regular transports with goods in support of the program in Romania and Moldova. Also programs of partner NGOs in various countries such as Congo, Ghana and Burkina Faso are supported with relief goods from the ChildsLife warehouse.
Poverty is still the biggest barrier in access to education.
To learn to read, write, do math and to improve knowledge and understanding should be part of every child’s life. Education is the key to a better future. ChildsLife makes education accessible to children and adolescents; from kindergarten, to secondary school or a vocational training institute. ChildsLife also runs afterschool education centers in Eastern Europe. In Kenya, ChildsLife builds and renovates schools in slums, remote rural regions, such as Makueni, and various Maasai communities. ChildsLife supplies teaching aids, school materials, books and school furniture. ChildsLife assists with school meals which are often the only meals children will have a day. In addition to the school curriculum, ChildsLife works with girls, boys, parents and schools to prevent FGM practices in rural parts of Kenya. Schools and other learning institutions that remained closed for a better part of the year 2020 due to Covid-19, reopened their doors at the beginning of 2021 but were challenged to deal with the children’s learning deficits.
Education Projects with Maasai
For a traditional tribe like the Maasai, education has become vital. Due to changing climates and modern lifestyle encroaching on their traditions, a future is no longer only in keeping a herd but by educating children. Unfortunately, Kenya does not have enough schools to provide an education for everyone.
In addition, in the poorest of Maasai communities the costs of an education are too high for parents. That is why ChildsLife has supported various communities and a range of schools, both primary and secondary, in these remote areas.
ChildsLife has conducted a five-year multiple schools’ develop- ment program in the Maasai region of Olepolos which benefits close to 1500 children. Five primary schools were fitted with new classrooms, old classrooms are renovated, school furniture and school supplies were provided. The schools were also fitted with water tanks including water catchment systems.

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