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Our Work in The Netherlands
ChildsLife Support Network
ChildsLife’s goals can only be reached with a large group of loyal supporters. Private donors - young to old; foundations - family to corporate; businesses - small to multinational; schools and churches; all consciously involved in ChildsLife’s work. ChildsLife is a compact organization and is therefore able to offer supporters close involvement with the organization and, more importantly, with beneficiaries. At ChildsLife, lines between the donor and the beneficiary are short which makes the impact of supporters’ help clearly visible.
To be able to implement life-changing programs worldwide, ChildsLife depends on monthly or yearly donations and one time gifts. ChildsLife has an active donor program and focuses on obtaining multiple year donations from new and existing donors, converting regular donations to direct debit donations and obtaining periodical gifts, and legacy commitments. Websites, social media, e-newsletters and direct mail are used to inform the general public and to obtain gifts from new donors.
Corporate Relations
Support from the business world is very important to ChildsLife’s activities. Over the years, ChildsLife has been building relationships with businesses and established a network of loyal supporters from multinationals to local businesses. Whether their support is in cash, gifts in kind, via preferred partnerships or cause related marketing, businesses find working with ChildsLife is a win-win.
Corporate Sponsors
ChildsLife can rely on the loyal support of numerous sponsors who are willing to donate their time, skills and expertise in areas such as graphic design, copy writing, printing, IT, advertising etc. Minimizing costs in these areas allows ChildsLife to maximize expenditure on the program, thus giving more children the chance to a brighter future!
ChildsLife continues to work with national and international foundations for project implementation in target countries. This ensures that projects have a proper funding base and with regular monitoring and evaluation ChildsLife shows the impressive results a project grant can yield.
ChildsLife promotes working with primary, secondary schools and universities in the Netherlands. By giving guest lectures and interactive presentations ChildsLife strives to make development aid part of the curriculum and engages students and teachers in worldwide issues. This motivates them to organize fundraising events and activities for ChildsLife.
 ChildsLife | Annual Report 2021

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