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Churches support ChildsLife’s work thru donations and collections. ChildsLife is supported by a number of church communities and involves them with ChildsLife projects and the ChildsLife mission.
In the day-to-day operations ChildsLife is assisted by volunteers. They work on individual basis or as part of their company’s social responsibility program and are active in IT, logistics, fundraising and communications departments. Also, some specific fundraising projects are run by volunteers. ChildsLife appreciates their support immensely.
Communications with supporters
ChildsLife takes great care when engaging with supporters; we act in compliance with rules and regulations, respect our audience and listen to our donors.
ChildsLife informs and encourages open communication
with supporters and partners by sharing impact reports, beneficiary stories, program updates, and other relevant news. Communication channels include the website, social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube), annual reports, e-newsletters and the press.
Through press releases ChildsLife informs the general public about its work and emphasizes other specific campaigns, events or partnerships. ChildsLife aims to contribute to public awareness and change of attitude towards the situation and environment many children have to grow up in worldwide. In addition to press releases, ChildsLife runs sponsored advertising campaigns to raise awareness or raise funds for specific programs. All adverts are fully sponsored and are featured in regional and national newspapers on a regular basis.

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