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 Our Organization
International Organization
ChildsLife is an international nongovernmental organization with offices in the Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Africa and the USA. ChildsLife started its operation in 1996 and has since developed into a mature and experienced organization without losing its compact and lean structure. ChildsLife works in partnership with other non-governmental organizations, local government offices, businesses, schools and community groups, etc. to identify and assess needs, gather resources, knowledge and experience, and ensure the best results possible. ChildsLife utilizes its skilled and trusted local staff with in-depth local knowledge and years of experience to identify existing needs and possible solutions.
ChildsLife the Netherlands and USA
ChildsLife the Netherlands and USA offices mainly have fundraising and communications objectives. ChildsLife USA is run by volunteers who concentrate on fundraising. In 2021, staff in the Netherlands consisted of 4 members (2,65 FTE) and is assisted by a number of volunteers.
ChildsLife Kenya and Romania
Offices with local staff in Kenya and Romania ensure a close proximity to the target population and knowledge of local culture and language. ChildsLife works with highly qualified and trusted local staff, who are responsible for development, implementa- tion and supervision of all programs and projects, needs assessments, monitoring budgets, and distribution of goods to the beneficiaries. The local staff also officially represents ChildsLife with local governments and non-governmental organizations.
ChildsLife Romania
ChildsLife Romania is headquartered in Bucharest and works primarily from its regional office in Barlad in the Vaslui district, close to the Moldovan border. ChildsLife Romania has been granted the Counselling and Support for Children and Parents accreditation, a requirement of the Romanian Ministry of Labor, Social and Family Solidarity. The small staff consists of a Director, responsible for the daily operations of ChildsLife Romania, implementation and coordination of the programs, and one part time commodity employee.
ChildsLife Kenya
ChildsLife Kenya is located in the Kilimani neighbourhood of Nairobi and is not far from Kibera slum where many of Childs- Life’s activities take place. Office staff consists of a Director, responsible for the daily operations, implementation and coordination of the ChildsLife programs; a Program Coordinator, a Finance Manager and a Communications Officer. Field staff consists of ChildsLife Community Coordinators, Field Officers and Health Workers who are based in the field and work directly with beneficiaries.
Quality Control
ChildsLife regularly re-assesses its goals and existing partner- ships via an ongoing strategic planning process. Each year, ChildsLife staff from program countries meet for a week of strategic planning, discussion, training, and brainstorming. Knowledge of and involvement with one another’s activities is crucial for achieving the ChildsLife mission. While the ChildsLife offices are registered independently our strength is in our ability to work as one team. In 2021, travel restrictions meant that meetings could only take place online.
ChildsLife | Annual Report 2021

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