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  Our Future
The Organization
We will keep to our set course in the areas of communications, fundraising and programs and will continue to deliver high quality development aid in Africa and Eastern Europe focusing on capacity building for the most vulnerable. We will expand staff in the Netherlands. We aim to build up contingency funds in the Netherlands and increasing financial independence of ChildsLife regional offices. Fundraising, communication channels and methods are thoroughly scrutinized in order to fully comply with the EU Data Protection Regulation.
The Program Learn
• Water, Sanitation and Hygiene - Provision of clean drinking water with the installation of water tanks and catchment systems at schools in several regions of Kenya. Execute a borehole project in Oloopaluani.
• Emergency feeding and water - Continue provision of emergency food and water supplies to communities, schools, institutes in Kenya and Romania and Moldova.
• Continue the school lunch program in Kenya.
• GIK - Provision of relief goods and structural support goods
to institutions, schools, communities, hospitals and families
• School construction projects - Continue renovation and construction of nursery, primary and secondary schools in Kenya.
• ChildsLife Vocational Training Centre - Continue the vocational training for youth from Kibera slum, including scholarships
for 100 girls.
• AnneNoor Education Centers - Expansion into rural areas of Romania.
• School materials - Continue provision of text books, school supplies and education materials in Kenya and Romania.
• Summer camp for disadvantaged children at the Black Sea
in Romania. and material support to centers for abandoned babies in Earn
in need in support of the ChildsLife program.
• Support to abandoned baby centers - Provision of financial
Kenya and Romania.
• Continue the First Step in Life program in Romania -
Material and social support to parents and their new-borns
from marginalised communities.
• Continue the FGM Eradication Program, target 600 girls.
• Finalise the construction of a medical clinic at the Maasai area
of Olepolos.
• Give a school a herd - Continuation of the program in Kenya for income generation.
• Greenhouses - Installation of new greenhouses and greenhouse support at schools in Kenya.
• Kitchen gardens - Grow bags for families in slums and rural areas of Kenya providing fresh vegetables.
• Live, Learn, Earn HIV mothers program for 200 mothers in Kibera and Mukuru slums.
ChildsLife | Annual Report 2021

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