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 Message from the Director
We all look back at another year predominated by Covid which impacted the lives of so many, especially of the vulnerable.
Yet again our organization proved resilient in the face of a continued unpredictable situation. ChildsLife continued to do what it does best, reaching out and supporting the most disadvantaged communities. Where needed, we were able to reprogram and reshape our ongoing activities to address the fall-out of the pandemic.
But despite the many challenges and setbacks brought upon by Covid, we are grateful that many areas of the program could resume after a full year of disruption in 2020. We were able to equip many schools with water tanks and hygiene products so children could return safely after long lock downs; we continued the construction of a desperately need clinic with the Maasai; we saved 600 girls from FGM practices; we provided hundreds of families with kitchen gardens so that they can grow their own vegetables; we supported thousands of families and institutions with essential goods; we strengthened 180 hiv+ mothers so they regained control over their lives and can look forward to an independent future with their children, just to highlight a few.
2021 was also a remarkable year for our organization. ChildsLife kicked off its 25th anniversary year in a new office in Haarlem. 25 years of working for over 2 million vulnerable children and marginalized communities, giving them the tools to improve their lives and create a future for themselves without poverty. That is a tremendous milestone!
We thank our founder Patricia Korver-Kicak, all our donors, supporters, partners, employees, volunteers and our trustees for their commitment to ChildsLife without whom none of these achievements would have been possible.
We look forward to 2022, our 25th anniversary year and hopefully a year with plenty of new opportunities and chances for children. Thank you all!
Carlian van Klarenbosch & the ChildsLife team Director ChildsLife The Netherlands

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