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 Our Mission, Vision
and Values
Our Mission
Partnering with communities to develop sustainable futures
Our Values
Compact & transparent
ChildsLife is a compact yet highly influential organization. With short lines between the donor and beneficiary ChildsLife works efficiently, effectively and transparently.
Reliable & trusted
ChildsLife is committed to the highest standards of integrity. ChildsLife utilizes its reliable and trusted local staff with local knowledge and years of experience to identify existing needs and possible solutions.
Inclusive & respectful
ChildsLife encourages and respects local ownership and responsibility, and always works in partnership with local people, communities, organizations and local governments.
Our vision: A life for a child filled with hope, full of pride and freedom from poverty
Sustainable & tailor made
ChildsLife tailor made and small scale programs are designed to address the specific needs of communities and create sustainable solutions to local problems.
Powerful & practical
ChildsLife provides simple yet effective solutions, sensitive to local culture. No frills, practical help with a powerful impact on local communities.
ChildsLife Kenya team
  ChildsLife Romania Director Florian Ivan
ChildsLife | Annual Report 2021

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