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Our Work
ChildsLife is a catalyst for change and strengthens children and communities with sustainable solutions for a better future.
ChildsLife in Africa and Eastern Europe
ChildsLife runs a tailormade program in sustainable develop- ment aid in slums, urban and rural regions of Africa and Eastern Europe. ChildsLife offers grassroots support and works based on the principle that programs need to be effective, practical and fully suited to local needs. Investing in women and girls particularly is an effective way to bring about change. Empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of whole families and communities.
ChildsLife partners with communities, schools, institutions, organizations and local governments to reach the target population. Encouraging local ownership and responsibility is key to the success of the ChildsLife program. Years of in-country experience, detailed knowledge of the countries and its many inhabitants,
and understanding of local problems ensures ChildsLife and its staff is respected and trusted by beneficiaries and partners alike.
Impact of Covid
In the year 2021 ChildsLife continued to do what it does best; reaching out and supporting the most disadvantaged communities. We had to adjust to the new normal occasioned by Covid-19 in all our programming. Paying attention to all laid down protocols, and preventive measures by the relevant Ministries of Health, we continued discharging our mandate with a lot of zeal and care for the sake of humanity.
Many countries have slowly recovered from the scourge of Covid-19, including Kenya. The pandemic resulted in high inflation and prices of basic commodities reached all-time high in 2021. Thousands continued to lose their jobs as companies and organizations wound up and others scaled down due to Covid-19 disruption. Small scale businesses closed down and those earning daily wages continued to feel the purge as they could no longer go out to fend for their families. Sadly, these included people that ChildsLife serves from the slums of Kibera and Mukuru. More effort was put to assist these people as we continued to encourage and give them more hopes in their daily struggles.
ChildsLife is all about providing Chances for Children
Often, however, this is not as straight forward as it would seem. To provide a chance for a child, you might need to provide chances to his/her parents; it could mean helping their community, it could mean building a school, a greenhouse or digging a well. To provide chances for children, ChildsLife’s delivery is focused on three components: Live, Learn and Earn.
Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Inadequate access to clean water and sanitation kills and sickens thousands of people every day, irrespective of the corona

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