ChildsLife AnneNoor Education Centers

Romania lacks afterschool facilities for young children, but children only attend school for a few hours a day. That is why in 2008 ChildsLife opened its first AnneNoor Education Center. Now ChildsLife operates 7 centers for children aged 4 – 10, in rural and city locations,

The centers open at 12 noon, after children have finished school, and run until 6 PM. Here, children learn and have time to do their homework under supervision of teachers. They engage in all sorts of recreational activities, and they receive a hot lunch and a snack.

Why are the ChildsLife AnneNoor Education Centers so important?

In Romania children only go to school until noon, while their parents often work all day to make ends meet. That’s why ChildsLife started the AnneNoor Education Centers. Since founding over 1400 children were offered a structured program which is fun, safe but also provides for their educational needs. The program helps to prevent child labor at the countryside. Furthermore, with their children looked after, parents can work and structurally improve their economic situation.

Nicu: “The AnneNoor center is lots of fun. We learn a lot, play games and do crafts. Before, we had to stay outside after school, even when it was very cold. Now we can stay inside in the winter!” 


What have we achieved?

Today, there are 7 AnneNoor centers that are successfully running with the support of ChildsLife.

We have helped more than 1400 children since the opening.

Picture of the opening of AnneNoor 7 in 2017.

The origin of AnneNoor

As a volunteer and donor, Noor has been a loyal supporter of ChildsLife since 1998. Her support began with knitting scarves, sweaters, mittens, dolls and baby clothes for literally hundreds of children and grew into financial support. With this financial support from Noor and her late friend Ans, the first AnneNoor education center was opened in 2008 in Barlad in Romania. The program is still growing and there are now 7 AnneNoor education centers. 

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