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Deadly floods in Kenya

At least 50 people have been killed and dozens of others are missing after a dam burst in southern Kenya, sweeping away homes and vehicles as the country grapples with weeks of heavy rains and devastating flash floods.

Kenya has experienced weeks of heavy rains in Nairobi as well as other parts of the country since mid-March but the downpours have intensified over the past weeks, leading to mass flooding.

The flooding and heavy rains have so far killed more than 120 people.
The rains have caused widespread destruction affecting more than 180,000 households, submerging roads and neighbourhoods, destroying crops and damaging infrastructure, schools, homes and small businesses.

With more rains expected in the country, swollen rivers pose a major threat to Kenyans living in the lowlands and along rivers.
Nairobi is currently experiencing the highest impact, with a significant high death toll and displaced households. Many families in Mukuru slums have been forced to evacuate from flooded homes for their safety. We are assisting families that have been forced to relocate because their houses have either been flooded or swept away by the rains.

A number of schools in various regions of the country have been adversely affected by the rains forcing Kenya’s education ministry on Monday to postpone the start of a new school term by one week to Monday, May 6, 2024.

Also in this crisis, ChildsLife is ready mobilise to bring people to safety and provide help.

And with your help, we will reach more people. We can provide extra food aid, help with relocation and provide replacement household goods.

Your help is urgently needed in this emergency situation!
Will you help give affected families their lives back?

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