With your school into action for Childslife

Education is the key to a better future, it allows children to develop themselves. Yet, worldwide 258 million children don’t go to school, most of them girls.

ChildsLife fights for children’s right to a good education and offers education that fits within the local culture, from kindergarten to vocational training. Education is one of ChildsLife’s core program themes.

ChildsLife reaches out to and works with schools. ChildsLife school partnerships are a fun way to be involved with the ChildsLife program in development aid for both students and teachers.
We work actively with students and teachers to make the partnership tailor-made and to involve young people in global problems.

Do you want to help to improve education
Who understands the importance of good education better than a school? Your school can make good education accessible together with ChildsLife. Take action with your school for the goal that suits you best! Choose one of our projects. [link to the projects].

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about the possibilities? Then get in touch with us. Send an email to info@childslife.nl or call 023 557 00 81.

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The benefits:

  • When you support ChildsLife program, you give a future to children in extreme poverty.
  • ChildsLife is an experienced, compact and open organization.
  • We receive no subsidies so with your donation to ChildsLife you really make a big difference in a child’s life.
  • You can count on the fact that of every euro spent, the vast majority (88%) is spent directly on our goals. Your donation therefore ends up in the right place.
  • We are proud of the results we achieve together so we are happy to show you what happens with your donation.