Vocational Center

ChildsLife Vocational Centre

ChildsLife Vocational Centre is located in the middle of Kibera Slum and was established to provide job skills and training to young adults living in the slum.

What does ChildsLife Vocational Centre do?

ChildsLife Vocational Centre was built and is managed by ChildsLife and has been operating successfully since 2011.

The schools provides quality training relevant to the current market needs to ensure that trainees are absorbed in the job market. The Centre offers a range of courses such as hairdressing, tailoring, electrical installation and computer courses, etc. All designed to provide the student with the opportunity to either finding a job or setting up their own business.

In addition the school provides students with a life skills course, a comprehensive practical course aimed to teach each student daily skills and prepare for life outside the slum.

Why is a Vocational training so important?

By learning a trade, the chance of a permanent job is many times higher. With having a permanent job, the graduates and their future families can grow up in financial stability, without poverty. This breaks the vicious circle of poverty.

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What are the results?

The Vocational Centre has trained over a 2000 students in skills leading to gainful employment. 80% of all graduates have been able to access employment in local industries, and 10% have been able to start their own business.

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Denisha (student at ChildsLife Vocational Centre) “Because of my training in tailoring, I see a bright future ahead:
A job, a family of my own, no poverty.”

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