Humanitarian Disaster hits the Horn of Africa

Humanitarian Disaster hits the Horn of Africa

About 2.7 million people in Kenya alone face famine due to extreme droughts. Kenya has declared the ongoing drought affecting many parts of the country a national disaster, calling for aid to counter the situation which is posing a major risk to people, livestock and wildlife.

The drought is attributed to El Niño and with record-high temperatures. The weather has dried up waterholes, rivers and other water supplies leading to widespread crop failure. Out of Kenya’s 47 counties, 23 arid and semi-arid counties and pockets of other areas are deemed to be facing disastrous drought. Worse still, using a new early warning system that predicts the availability of forage for animals in arid areas, the United Nations asked Kenya to brace itself for a worsening drought in 2017.

The drought period comes with a string of other challenges including; schools closing down due to food shortages. Children are forced to walk more than 10 kilometres in search of water instead of being in class.

It is clear that urgent, life-saving measures need to be taken. Of the 23 counties facing disastrous drought, ChildsLife is actively involved in two counties (Makueni and Kajiado) where it has offered support to schools and communities for over 15 years. ChildsLife currently supports over ten schools in both Makueni and Kajiado Counties and has directly and indirectly supported over 20,000 children through ChildsLife’s core programs of Education, Shelter & Infrastructure, Food and Care.

For years ChildsLife has invested in water projects in Kenya. ChildsLife’s goal is to supply as many Kenyan schools and communities as possible with clean drinking water and sanitation. ChildsLife builds on many years of experience. ChildsLife explores all options together with local partners and experts to find a sustainable solution designed upon local possibilities and requirements. ChildsLife implements water systems, ranging from relatively simple solutions such as water catchment systems to more complex bore hole and irrigation projects.

Still, in extreme circumstances, such as the current crisis, emergency aid is needed fast. Water tanks at schools have remained empty and water resources have dried up. Communities and schools turn to ChildsLife for lifesaving help. With your help, ChildsLife can send water trucks to manually fill water tanks to help avert this humanitarian disaster.

Please help.


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